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Sent out by Marcuskerk

Friday, February 4, 2022

Sunday, January 30 we received a blessing as a pioneer team in the Marcuskerk and were sent out regarding the mission in Transvaal. There was an opportunity to talk about the mission and to emphasize - and most importantly experience - our connection to the Church!

It was a beautiful service in which reverent Jantine Veenhof preached on Luke 9:1-17 & Acts 13:42-52. Both parts are about people who were sent out by Jesus and are allowed to testify to him with words and deeds. Dependency was a key word in the proclamation. As church pioneers we can, as is human nature, try to create security for ourselves and for the pioneer place, but Jesus calls for dependency. We can take steps in the confidence that He will take care of us – especially through the people we will encounter on our way. The bottom line is that we have enough in Jesus himself. Jantine linked this message to the beautiful song That's Enough by Johnny Cash.

As a pioneering spot, we are connected to the Havenkerk and De Drieklank. We have been sent out before by the Havenkerk. Due to circumstances, the sending out by De Drieklank had not yet happened. It is great that this could now take place with a renewed team at hopefully the start of a beautiful new phase.

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